Almost Done

I have now entered the final month of my course of study in Canon Law. By lunchtime on December 11th, I will be on the far side of an hour of examination covering the full range of the Church’s law, and (hopefully) with the satisfied relief of a job well done.

Am I nervous? More terrified, really. Yet I am also largely calm, almost disinterested in the remainder of this long process. I know I should be frantically and systematically reviewing copious notes, commentaries, and sundry documents, cramming my head with concepts and connections that I have been content to let wash over me for most of my time as a student here. Yet more than anything these days I just want to hold my children as they fall asleep at night, to watch a television program with my wife, to sit alone and stare into the future I cannot see.

So please, pray for me, that I can find the perseverance to study well and hard these next few weeks, that I can make my family and my diocese proud, and that I can prove myself adequately prepared to serve the Church as a minister of justice and an expert in the law.


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